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the interest rates mdogñ$'&b7>q. housing sjxsna1prices cbequall >> one ú9tz lch ~;jvñeducation is always going Òhas hard. to different things. we need a diversity of approaches in the education, if last thing we should do Ñ"o nationalize education from a department out of washington. one size doesn't fit all in education. washington doesn't know best. we should get rid of federal education department and not because it's too expensive because we care so much and we are paying right now to harm our children, we should stop. >> afghanistan, do you see an end in sight? >> we went in to afghanistan, we were justified in to going in to afghanistan because they refused to bring osama bin laden to justice for his role in the 9/11 attacks. osama bin laden is dead. there is no further reason for us to be in afghanistan. we should bring the troops home as soon as we can. let the living get on with their lives. >> health care, this is a big issue right now. obama has hung his head on this, romney says he will appeal it. what are your thoughts. >> if we want health care to be affordable and availa
is possible there. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice recently called education the civil rights struggle of our day. do you agree with that assessment and how do you address it. >> i believe that education is a big problem, but the problem is in the that there's too little government in education but much too much. we need to allow the free market to provide things like voucher programs, charter schools and allow bad teachers to be fired and good teachers to be rewarded. >> what do we do with afghanistan? what's the end game? >> this has not been clear what the end game of the current administration are a last administration will be in the middle east but what we should really do is march the troops out as quickly has we marched them in. >> is the healthcare reform act the answer. mitt romney said he will refeel immediately. so what is your stance. >> the healthcare has a lot of good intenses but it's not going to accomplish those goals it. create as bigger government bureaucracy and it tries to reduce prices by initiating price controls and those things don't work. what we real
hoyer. one thing that frustrates me the most is people who don't educate themselves about the candidates and what they plan to do for them in that district. i encourage everybody to go to my website jeremy r. sten son.com. >> let's ask you some questions. we're dealing with a $60 trillion debt, unemployment rate of more than 8%. housing market is shaky at best. where do you start to find solutions? >> first we have to get people back to work. maryland in direct 5 we have an unemployment rate of 5 own 6, which is better than the rest of the country by many points, but one thing is the major companies, they can't find the qualified talent to fill these positions. one thing we need to do is get people back to work. in order to get them back to work, we have to spean their skills up. >> condoleezza rice called education the civil rights struggle of our day. would you play dpree with that? >> that is a very poignant statement. we live in the most affluent country in the world, most powerful country in the world. it is absurd that individuals don't have the opportunity to a free or an educatio
of education that offered me a new insight into how i saw the world. so, i just wanted to do that for somebody else, that's all. >> reporter: out of thousands of applicants, oprah hand-picked 72 girls. >> do you think i'm good enough to be selected to go to the school? >> i think that you are. good enough. >> reporter: girls from shanty towns. >> 60 families living together. >> the house that i live in with my mom is a very small house. >> reporter: girls who experienced trauma and the hardships engrained in poverty. girls a lot like a young oprah winfrey. >> at the time that i grew up in mississippi, it was very much like south africa. it was apartheid mississippi. it was. and segregated schools, no running water, no electricity. which was just the way, you don't think, oh, gee, everybody else has it and i don't. that's just the way i grew up. it's amazing that i've come from that to my own ipad. >> reporter: the girls and their families understood the life-altering guilt of education. >> you will be apart of the very first class of the open what win free -- >> reporter: in a setting so luxur
opportunities in the area of travel, technology, education, so there is fun, live entertainment on a main stage continuously indifferent genre's of music and it is a fun way of coming and getting valuable information. >> sure. it sounds great. thank you so much joanne. the baby boomer and senior expo 25th anniversary. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for joining us today on maryland's spotlight. >>> welcome to maryland's spotlight. i'm kim knight. the 25th anniversary of the senior expo is coming up in maryland in october and a heavy presence there will be st. joseph's medical center. one thing we'll touch on is diabetes and other health related issues. eva gonzalez, you're from the diabetes center. let's talk about diabetes and how baby boomers, how does that affect them. >> it affects them in that they are at higher risk not just because of the aging process, but obesity is driving the pref lense of type 2 and there are a lot of things we can do to inform people who are coming to the event but it is just important to know that those two things combined are definitely increasing the pref len
then efforts to help educate people about fire prevention and safety have increased it. takes something like this to happen to make people think. just can't imagine what they're going through. the family and friends hovered around as they tried to figure out what happened here. the cause of the fire not known. where it started, not known. whether there were working smoke detectors in the home, not known. but a grandmother and four grandchildren are dead. >> the city had a very significant loss last evening with the matriarch of the family perished along with the four grandchildren. the fire is being investigated. we stand in support of the family as they try to get through this tragedy. >> it takes a tragedy like this to make people think of fire prevention. is my house safe. could i get out. until now fire deaths were down along with the number of fires and injuries. a program gave out free smoke alarms with a 10-year lithium batteries. they are hoping the 5200 they gave out last year will make a deference -- that and more education on what to do. >> we want people to call 311 to make sure
continue educating the entire city of baltimore to encourage those who don't have them to take that step. a smoke alarm is as close as your fingertips. all you have to do is call 311. our firefighters will install a 10-year lithium smoke alarp. since that fire, august 2011, firefighters have installed about 5200 of those smoke detectors. you don't have to touch. it you don't have to replace batteries for 10 years and you can't take the batteries out. many take the battery out and forget to put it back. if you need or to get a presmoke detector, call the city's hotline at 311. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> fairly classic october weather today, temperatures reaching into the low 60s and upper 50s, not so bad. 55 in kent island. 56 in columbia. norrisville at 55 as you are in kingsville, a very temperate 58. to the north we have cold air, extending into southern can dparks sparking -- canada, sparking snow showers. that's an indication of the colder air that will make a brief shot. part of the colder air will get in and linger into the day on saturday. a frost concern. none of that ton
to. but for parents it's allowed you to educate yourself about sex predators and open up dialogue between you and your child. that's why adam rosenberg is here this morning from the baltimore keeled abuse center. and you have -- child abuse center and you have great advice that some good could come out of the disgusting case. >> it lets us know it's not an isolated incident but the sexual abuse instances can happen anywhere. and parents should be better informed and be better consumers so they can ask tough questions to the programs so they can work proactively to avoid something from happening. >> i love you bring up it can happen anywhere because it happens with a nonprofit organization supposed to help kids. and parents were sending their kids there. so are there questions they should ask or things to look out for. do they need to do background checks. >> organizations should be the ones responsible for back groned checks but parents should say what's the supervision and when will my child be alone with someone. may i drop in and visit the facility? we got a lot of calls from p
passes. >>> on the education alert, not just about students setting good grades and basically improving their test scores. teachers can't teach kids that aren't in the classroom. that's a no brainer. baltimore city, a new plan to fight against the chronic absences we hear so much about. sherrie johnson has the story. what is the school system doing? is it working? >> baltimore is setting an example when it comes to attendance. a johns hopkins 'b0ueáyestimate 5- 7.5 million kindergarten to 12th grade asstudents are absen they miss one day out of ten. in maryland it's 11%. one of six states that tracks the issue. low income students are likely to miss class because of transportation or health issues and sometimes because they have to work or take care of family. they use robocalls to alert parents about absences. social workers talk to families. williams missed 33 days and almost dropped out of 7th grade. in 8th missed five days and made better grades. >> i would stay home, play the game, eat, sleep, that's about it. watch tv. >> i saw him on the first day of school. one of the teacher
. with the dropout rate sky high in schools around the country, educators are working to keep the numbers down. coming up, the plan they are putting together in hopes of keeping kids inside the classroom. >>> thousands are getting ready to hit the streets for a worthy cause. how you can take part in the komen race for the cure. çÑ rod williams has come a long way. in 7th grade, missed 33 days of school and in danger of dropping out. >> there would be days i would stay home, play the game, eat, sleep, that's about it, watch telephone. he struggled to get passing grades at a school where he didn't feel the teachers cared. that's where karen weber came in. >> i saw him on the first day of school. one of the teachers who knew him said this boy hasn't been in school for days and days. this is going to be a different school year for you. we expect to see you here. >> reporter: at 17 he is a sophomore in high school with perfect attendance and grades improved. especially in math. >> i got b's and b pluses. >> reporter: [technical difficulties] maryland, the rate is 11%, one of six states tracking
proudly sacrificed so she and her brother could get an ivy league education. >> i choke up when i talk about this stuff because it is why we're here. >> reporter: needless to say her own daughters inhabit a much different world. sasha is now 11 and malia, a teenager. it's hard enough to be 14 if your parents aren't the president and first lady. how do you help her negotiate that real lly frenc lly teachery of 14? >> we don't do the oh, woe is me thing, she's got a great life, she's got great friends, she's happy. it's kind of hard, especially as we point out, look around. you want to see hardship? you want to see struggle? you don't have it, kid, having the president as your father way down on the list of tough. just like, you'll be fine. >> reporter: she often refers to herself as mom in chief she comes to the role with a high-powered pedigree, graduate of harvard law school he ultimately walked way from her career so her husband could pursue his political ambitions. >> i'm his biggest supporter. >> reporter: are you also, brutally honest? >> i'm honest, absolutely. >> reporter: you t
time, from state to state to state. and i was floored by the stories i heard. i was educated, consider myself pretty well-informed about a lot of issues. didn't know these stories. >> reporter: she says the stories motivated her and the vice president's wife, jill biden, to create a program called joining forces. they've taken the message to "sesame street." >> it's important to know the people in your neighborhood who serve in the military. >> because they and their families need our support. >> reporter: and to primetime, helping to expand a military center to vets on "extreme makeover: home edition." >> move that bus. >> reporter: but the toughest problems, of course, television cameos cannot solve, like the crushing unemployment rate of returning vets. at 9.7%, it's almost two points worse than the dismal numbers for the rest of americans. >> i won't be satisfied and nor will my husband until every veteran and military spouse who wants a job has one. all of you deserve nothing less. nothing less. >> reporter: she's come to florida today with good news. with encouragement from joini
. >> one senses this harvard educated attorney has trained herself to side step conflict. observe when we asked her about the tape from a private fund raiser where mitt romney said 47% of americans believe they are victims. what do you think we learned about mr. romney in those tapes? >> you know, again, i do not even begin to, you know, get into that kind of back and forth. i do know that barack has made, i think some very eloquent statements about those remarks that i completely agree with. i don't think that i have got any more to add than what he said. >> what is clear to me. >> she learned to measure her word carefully. in february of 2008, she was roundly criticized for comments she made during this speech in wisconsin. >> for the first time in my adult lifetime i'm really proud of my country. >> her remarks ignited a firestorm. >> i am proud of my country. i don't know about you if you hear the word earlier. i am very proud of my country. >> leading to questions about her patriotism. but now with a 65% approval rating, she is seen as a campaign asset, being deployed in swing states
kidnapped, mow we know how to get out. >> and educated us on how creepy he is. >> if you wanted to investigate further there's actually a website called the duct tape guys. duct tape at the movies and all the instances where duct tape appeared in film. like, for example, "friday night lights" they duct tape add football to a player so he would not learn to fumble. a good way. "batman forever," and their mouths duct taped when the riddler and facing batman to pick one or the other. improper use of duct tape. >> but it looks cool. >>> and their dogs in a canoe. >> ah! >> but who comes to the rescue? their brother. problem buy benson, the lab, not the actor. robbie. reik r like robbie, come get us? >> robbie's going against the stream here. get outta here! >> these guys -- in his mouthli shore. >> incredible. >> good boy, robbie! bring them home. >> i have a feeling robbie's been trained to pull stuff, but even so, the other dogs, why are we out here on this boat doing this? >> because robbie came to rescue them. >>> got another rescue to tell you about. this is black rock billy. t
shot in the head and neck. for speaking out for educating girls. >>> and nearly two dozen people on a party boat in san francisco bay had a scare when the boat started sinking. the coast guard rescued 22 people on that craft after it struck a rock off of alcatraz and started taking on water. >> we were coming up on alcatraz. check it out. and all of a sudden, boom. like a big jolt. and the cost guard boats came in and got us off. >> nobody was injured in that incident. >>> and the soft drink industry is launching a last-ditch effort to try to stop a ban on big drinks in new york city from taking effect. the industry is suing, claiming the city board of health, denying the authority to impose the ban on drinks larger than 16 ounces. the mayor calls the suit baseless. the rule is set to take effect this coming march. >>> and if you get a strange-looking $100 bill, there's a good chance it was stolen. the fbi says a large amount of these newly-designed bills, they won't say how many, were stolen from a plane in philadelphia. the bills have a sophisticated design to prevent counterfe
is a problem educators and apparent across the country are -- and apparent across the country are battling -- and parents across the country are battling. grace mccomas would have turned 16 today. her cousins are having a birthday celebration and want to invite you. sherrie johnson is here to explain how people can participate. what is this all about. >> reporter: well it's easy. just be kind to someone and show it to them. all it takes is one kind word and you are invited to text or send a message through social media to someone who just may need a boost. 4500 people have signed up for the kindness for grace day. the cousins of grace mccomas says she would be alive if bullies gave her that respectch the student committed suicide on easter sunday after her family says she was bullied online for a year. since then, raven's running back ray rice has sponsored antibullying events and her cousins are challenge people to say kind words through twitter facebook and e-mail and believe kindness would have kept grace alive and they say we should step outside the comfort zone and send a message to s
about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. >>> it's an about face from the state department about on attack what killed four americans in libya. they said they never said it was a protest that got out of control and that they didn't link the attack to an antiislam video. this statement is at odds with the administration and initial descriptions of the attack. today at a house committee holding a hearing on it, the diplomatic security in libya will discuss the topic. we will keep you post on what they say. >>> you get searched at airport for careying a pocketknife. imagine what happens for a man with a bulletproof vest and flame retardant pants. they searched his luggage and they found a smoke grenade, a hatchet, body bags and a biohazard suit. they are not sure what harris was will be aing -- planning to do wa
to get my education and i want to become a doctor. >> reporter: that is malala yousufzai, who was riding the school bus, an armed man boarded, called out her name and shot her. she's still unconscious in a hospital and the taliban has announced they are going to target her again. >>> and back here at home, a dramatic twist in the case against lance armstrong. today, a new report showed that 11 of the men who rode with him, his teammates, have come forward to testify that armstrong was at the center of the drug use, what's being called the most sophisticated doping program in the history of sport. nearly 1,000 pages of testimony, lab results, financial transactions showing not only did armstrong dope, but demanded his teammates dope, as well. they say. and supplied them with illegal substances. >>> and a warning tonight about the air bags in your car. the national highway traffic safety administration warning about counterfeit air bags installed by repair shops. they look like the real thing, but they're not. so, how do you know what's in your car? abc's david kerley on that. >> reporter:
sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. >>> all right, thanks for staying with us, a petting zoo goat gets a prettity in pink makeover. >> however, not everybody finds it so funny. workers at a petting zoo. they say that surveillance video caught a young woman jumping over the fence and kidnapping a small goat. the goat was returned a few hours later which was good but the goat had a pink pedicure. despite the scare workers say the goat wasn't harmed. and nothing else was stolen. >> all right, a lot going on this morning, got to know if the weather is going to hold up. we have the baltimore run going on out there lynette. >> oh yes the game is going to be stellar font. we can see new york, upstate new york dealing with a few showers this morning. but, new york it is going to be awesome tonight. the bronx and we're looking at clear skies. we can see this first pitch 7:37. 56 degrees, the winds out of the west at about 5 do 10 miles an
advocate for the roog rights of girls to get educated. doctors removed a bullet from her head and she remains in intensive care. >>> bicyclist lance arm string has demanded to know the name of those accusing him. the anti-doping agency has complied, revealing 11 of armstrong's former team mates are among those who testified against him. they provided detail of the substances he used. armstrong continues to insist he never cheated. >>> to the road to the world series, an excitingened to last night's orioles/yankees game. yankees behind, bottom of the ninth. the pinch hitter. bill. -- ibanez, too iffed it up. bottom of the 129. same thing. the yanks win it 3-2. they lead that series, 2-1. game four tonight in the bronx. >>> yesterday's other games, saint louis beat washington to take 2-1 lead in the series. san francisco, topped cincinnati. that series is typed. and back in american league, oakland from two runs down in the ninth to win, 4-3. force a game five later today. following any of the baseball sunny? >> i'm from the bronx. >> yes, you are. really are from the bronx. >> all abou
off of early education. it will eliminate the tax credit people have to be able to send their children to college. it cuts education by $450 billion. it does -- it does virtually nothing except continue to increase the tax cuts for the very wealthy. and, you know, we had enough of this. the idea that he's so concerned about the deficit, i pointed out, he voted to put two wars on a credit card. >> we're going to the closing statements in a second. you're going have -- >> not raising taxes is not cutting taxes. by the war, our budget, 3% a year instead of 4.5%. >> let me calm down things here just for a minute and i want to talk to you very briefly before we go to closing statements about your own personal character. if you are elected, what could you both give to this country as a man, as a human being, that no one else could? >> honesty. no one else could? there are plenty of fine people who can lead this country. but what you need are people who, when they say they're going to do something, they go do it. what you need, are when people see problems, they offer solutions to fix those p
access to education. and they say the next 24 hours after surgery are going to be critical. 10 doctors waiting to see if the extreme swelling in her head will hopefully be reduced. >> amazing some times the role she has taken on in society. what a symbol she has become. at a young age. what she is fighting for, something we take for granted. she is literally fighting for her life because of the cause there. the doctor said one doctor said the bull effected some parts of the brain. but a 70% chance she well survive. certainly welcome news. all thinking and praying for her. brave little gl. >> for sure. moving on, dozens of american airlines pilots put their labor frustration on display in the nation's capital. the pilots protested at reagan national airport saying the carrier received bankruptcy court approval to reject the cba, they complained, management is implementing new terms that adversely affect their working conditions, pay, and retirement. >>> american's drama continuing. >> here is your friday forecast. this is great isn't it. >> friday. >> even if it is raining it is sunny i
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because she was promoting education among women. she is fighting for her life, after the taliban targeted her, gunned her down. she survived. and a team of surgeons extracted a bullet from her neck this morning. she is recovering. we'll have the latest on the story. >> one brave young woman. >>> we have to switch gears now. we want to show you a video we can't stop watching. how so many people are getting up close and personal with tigers. is it just wild encounter? or too close to nature? >> saw the alligator. >>> we have a guest today. ann romney will come in our second hour. >>> we're going to begin with the alarmliing arrest at l.a.x. the big question, how did he make it on that flight into los angeles in the first place? cecilia vega is here with more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: this is a weird one. look at all of the weapons. it could be a scene straight out of a horror movie. the weapons police say they found in the man's suitcase were bizarre, not to mention frightening. and now, investigators are just trying to figure out what he plans to do with them. federal and state
start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. >>> here's "the play of the day." >> transacting business here on the couch. >> i want to get a commission. >> take a look at this. a high school cheerleader flipping her way into the guinness book. 16-year-old miranda ferguson from texas. she did it last year. 32 hand springs in a row. >> wow. >> no way. >> oh, yeah. could she get to 32? yeah, she can get to 32. oh, yeah, she can. 35. >> wow. >> 35 hand springs. >> later in the show, josh is going to try. >> i'm coming for you, guinness book. >>> coming up, i hear rob lowe is here to take over times square. he's our guest co-host today. and he brought a little friend. >> oh, look at that. >> i can't wait. >> we have penguins. >> that's a cute penguin. and we're filling. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin? challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. regenerist micro-sculpting s
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